Why hire an expert to manage Google Search Ads

Paid search ad campaigns have the potential to propel your business to success. There are many advantages to using paid search ads to push your product or services to the top of Google Search results. Whether you have a local business or plan to advertise across the country, Google search ads are an excellent choice for marketing your business online. When combined with other forms of marketing, you can grow your business, acquire more customers, and increase your online sales (or leads). 

Search advertising is different from other mediums because it targets potential customers looking for products or services you sell. As users search Google for specific keywords, your search advertisement appears at the search results page's top (or bottom) page. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) search campaigns that are set up and optimized can become profitable fast. The goal is to gain a measurable return on ad spend. Search ads deliver quantifiable results that can be scaled and repeated for continued success. 

While the rewards of having successful search campaigns are numerous, there are also disadvantages to creating and managing these campaigns yourself. Google touts its easy-to-use campaign and creation tools for business owners, but the default settings often lead to overspending.

Making Google Ads work requires a fair amount of research and analysis to get the right combination of keywords, negative keywords, and campaign structure to attract the right buyers and maximize your results. 

Want to get results quickly? Hire a knowledgeable and experienced Google Ads consultant. Here are some reasons to hire a search ads specialist to manage your campaigns. 

A Google Ads Ad Expert Will Save You Time & Money 

Paid search ad campaigns are time-intensive to set up and manage. Successful advertising campaigns take time, planning, and patience.

Google Ads works continuously to improve and offer new features on its advertising platform, and it can take a lot of time and effort to keep up with the updates. 

Google search ad campaigns should be optimized to ensure that you are spending money on only ads and keywords that generate sales and revenue for your business. 

A search ads consultant has all the right certifications to help you navigate any Google Ads updates and changes. More importantly, a specialist has extensive experience in managing paid advertising accounts. They know how to set up and run a successful advertising campaign and quickly help you reach your business goals. 

They also know about the best way to optimize Google Ads for high-quality scores, click-through rates, and conversions, which directly impact the amount of money you spend (or misspend).

The Science of Paid Ads

The science of paid advertisements using Google Ads includes several steps. 

Keyword research is finding words that your potential customers search for in Google to find your products and services. It's the cornerstone of any successful search marketing strategy. The goal is to select the best keywords that will result in clicks and conversions for your business. 

Landing pages are web pages a user is sent to when they click on your search ad. Landing pages should be optimized, so a single call-to-action is clear and so that your USPs (unique selling propositions) are clear. If you have two different pages, you can test each to determine which one has the best conversion rate. 

Two major factors affect the rate you pay for Google Ads' paid advertising campaigns. These are relevance and competition. Relevance is Google's way of determining how closely an advertisement matches a user's search. It examines the relationship between advertisements, keywords, and the landing page. It is important to make your keywords highly relevant to your ads for a greater quality score from Google. 

Google assigns a quality score that rates your ads' relevance and keywords to the web page in your ad. It takes knowledge, skill, and experience to optimize your search ad campaigns fully and improve your quality score. Once you have a great quality score, you will have a higher click-through rate (CTR) and a lower cost-per-click (CPC). With a high-quality score, you will end up paying less for your ad campaign over time. 

A better quality score will save you money on every click and get a higher position in Google's paid search ads. A Google Ads consultant knows all about improving your quality score and how to make the most of your advertising dollars. 

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Another advantage of having a Google Ads expert working on your campaigns is that they can provide specific research on competitor's campaigns. The research they do to optimize your campaigns and get an edge over the competition. It's a lot of smart reverse engineering for advertisers.

Knowledge and Skill

 A Google ads expert will apply the best practices so that your search ad campaigns result in conversions. Conversions are the number of people who respond to your ads by purchasing your products or services or signing up for an offer – depending upon your ad campaign. 

 Here are some questions to consider before running search ads: 

  • Who are you targeting? Beyond search keywords, you can target the user location.
  • What is your profit margin on the products you sell? How much can you spend to get a lead or sell a product and still be profitable?
  • Does your website do a good job converting website visitors? Do you talk about your USPs? Does each page on your website have a call to action? Is your e-commerce system easy to use?

A search ad expert can help you navigate the answers!

Tracking Conversions (Leads and Sales)

Be sure not to forget about conversion tracking. If you skip this step, details about which search campaign or search keyword drove results will be difficult to determine. 

A search marketing consultant can set up conversion tracking in Google Ads and Google Analytics so that you can track the cost-per-conversion (lead or sale). Tracking the cost-per-conversion helps you understand your return on investment (ROI) and the return on ad spend (ROAS). 

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