Gooding Law Firm

Gooding Law Firm & Our Digital Adventure

Jumping into a partnership with Gooding Law Firm, a shining star in Oklahoma’s legal world, was like gearing up for an epic adventure. At Garrett Digital, we don’t just understand the digital maze; we love every twist and turn.

Switching Tracks: Drupal to WordPress

Imagine being on a winding, narrow road and a tad outdated. That’s where Gooding Law Firm was with Drupal. So, we decided to move them onto a digital superhighway: WordPress. This shift wasn’t just about updating tech; it was setting the stage for a dynamic digital debut.

Designing a Digital Monument

Gooding Law Firm isn’t just another firm. It’s an institution. Our mission?

  • Spotlight Their Magic: Their unmatched expertise in bankruptcy law? That’s front-row material.
  • Championing Clif Gooding: 39 years as the lead attorney? Now, that’s a story worth telling loud and clear.
  • Guiding the Way: Each web page gently nudges visitors, be they a curious researcher or someone urgently needing a consultation.

SEO: Making Them the Digital Talk of Oklahoma

In the legal world, if you aren’t seen, you aren’t heard. Guess where Gooding Law Firm now sings their tune? Page 1 of Google, right for Oklahomans seeking top-notch bankruptcy attorneys. With our SEO touch and Mr. Gooding’s seasoned wisdom, they’re now enjoying 300+ monthly chit-chats, thanks to Google.

Google Ads: Filling Up Their Calendar

Every person seeking legal help is a life looking for direction. Our ad campaigns didn’t just sprinkle some digital magic; they changed the game for Gooding Law Firm:

  • More Chats, Same Cash: Imagine almost doubling consultation bookings without spending an extra dime. Yep, we did that!
  • Efficiency Unleashed: More consultations on the same budget? That’s like throwing a party and having double the guests without spending extra.

Crafting Digital Masterpieces Together

Walking side by side with Gooding Law Firm, we didn’t just design a website; we sculpted a digital monument, ensuring they’re the beacon in Oklahoma City’s legal scene.

Here at Garrett Digital, we don’t just dabble in codes and clicks. We shape digital dynasties. Eager to shape yours? Let’s embark on that journey!