Boost ROI: Conversions & Revenue in Google Ads

by Garrett Nafzinger

Dipping your toes into e-commerce or the healthcare provider field? Google Ads is the toolkit you need.

But the question remains: Are you just gathering clicks, or are you extracting real value? Let’s explore the real MVPs of ROI: conversions and revenue.

The Power of ROI in Google Ads

For the e-commerce enthusiast, ROI is synonymous with sales. For the therapists and clinicians, it’s all about new patients. The bridge connecting these goals? Google Ads. When harnessed properly, for every dollar poured into ads, businesses can net an 8-fold return.

Why the Emphasis on Conversions?

Think of conversions as the heartbeat of your Google Ads campaign. Google Ads operates on a complex algorithm refined by AI and machine learning. This tech powerhouse thrives on data, using metrics like conversions to shape your campaign. The upshot? Precise targeting, reaching potential clients when they’re most receptive.

Typically, the search network averages a conversion rate of 4.40%. But with the right approach, there’s potential to surpass that.

What Counts as a Conversion?

For e-commerce, it’s that cha-ching of a purchase. For clinicians, it’s when a prospective patient books an appointment or submits a query.

Keep an Eye on Your Conversions

With tools available in Google Ads and Google Analytics, there’s no reason to be in the dark about your conversions. Although setup can be intricate, don’t fret – we’ve got your back!

The Two Faces of Conversions: Micro and Macro

While micro-conversions deal with actions like email subscriptions, macro-conversions involve bigger commitments like making a purchase. Both are pivotal for ROI.

The Craft of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Boosting conversions isn’t a one-off task. Be it fine-tuning a product listing or revamping a therapist’s contact form, tactics like A/B testing are invaluable.

Tracking Revenue: A Non-Negotiable

Setting up revenue tracking in Google Ads is versatile. Whether you’re integrating it with an e-commerce system or Google Analytics, it’s an essential metric.

Revenue not only mirrors ROI but also cues Google Ads on your campaign’s efficacy. Based on this, the platform can optimize bids for desired Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS). While a 10x ROAS might seem ambitious, with the right tweaks, e-commerce ventures often achieve a 4-18x ROAS.

Wrapping Up

Overlooking conversions and revenue? That’s potential earnings slipping through your fingers. It’s time to reevaluate your Google Ads game plan.

Need a Helping Hand? Let Garrett Digital Drive

Rather zero in on your expertise and have someone seasoned handle Google Ads? Garrett Digital is adept at sculpting and refining Google Ads strategies for e-commerce and healthcare sectors. Reach out to see how we can skyrocket your ROI.

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