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Whether you’re eyeing a new enterprise search solution or need a hand with the nitty-gritty of your current one, Garrett has your back. His repertoire? Vast. From Algolia to Adobe Search&Promote, he’s navigated them all.

Google Search Appliance (GSA): The Past & The Present

In 2016, Google shifted gears from GSA to cloud-based search avenues. Still clinging to GSA for its ability to sift through confidential, restricted data? Understandable. The cloud isn’t for everything.

Pondering a GSA Alternative?

Even with GSA in the rearview, its hardware can still serve you, with either Google’s blessings or under the guidance of an independent search consultant. Whether you’re considering migrating or fine-tuning what you’ve got, Garrett’s insights can illuminate the path.

Searching for search solutions? Dive in, and let’s decode the maze together.