Enterprise Search Consulting

Garrett can help if you are looking for an enterprise website search solution or if you’ve already purchased a search solution and you need help with implementation and customization. Garrett has worked with many enterprise search and website search solutions, including Algolia for WordPress, Coveo for Sitecore, htDig, Google Mini, Google Search Appliance (GSA), and Adobe Search&Promote (now Adobe Target).

Adobe Search&Promote Consulting

Knowledgeable Adobe Search&Promote search consulting. Get help with customization, setup, or migrating to or away from Adobe Search&Promote for your website(s).

Google Search Appliance & Google Mini Consulting

In 2016 Google announced it would no longer be selling the Google Search Appliance or Google Mini to allow them to focus on cloud-based search solutions. Garrett understands many businesses use the Google Search Appliance to crawl access-restricted, confidential data, which you may not want in the cloud.

Migrating to a New Enterprise Website Search Solution?

Garrett can also help choose an alternative to the Google Search Appliance or customize and tune your existing GSAs. Even though the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini are discontinued, you can still use your hardware and software supported by Google, your staff, or an independent enterprise search consultant.

Other Services

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