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Migrating to GA4: Critical to Measuring Website Success

In today’s digital marketplace, measuring your website’s performance is critical to your business’s success. Thus the importance of migrating from Universal Analytics (the past version of Google Analytics) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Moving to GA4 is more than just an upgrade; it is a pivotal move that could help you understand how to ensure Read More

Writing for the web

Note: This is an article I originally wrote in January of 2011. Much has changed, and much remains the same. I’ve made some minor edits to the article below. Users come to your site to complete tasks The web is a functional, task-oriented place. We want to find the information we’re looking for online quickly. Read More

GA4 on SuiteCommerce, attribution issues

Has anyone installed GA4 for SuiteCommerce? Have you compared Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics (UA)? Specifically, attribution? Comparing GA4 to UA: Major issues with attribution Google Ads (CPC) attributed revenue and sessions are 95% less in GA4 than in UA. Conversely, organic attributed sessions and revenue are far higher in GA4. I have Read More

Why hire an expert to manage Google Search Ads

Paid search ad campaigns have the potential to propel your business to success. There are many advantages to using paid search ads to push your product or services to the top of Google Search results. Whether you have a local business or plan to advertise nationwide, Google search ads are an excellent choice for marketing Read More

Monitor top-ranking keywords with UptimeRobot

Here’s a quick and free way to monitor your most important organic search keywords in search engine results pages. We’ll be using a popular web uptime service to search Google for the keywords we choose and to receive an alert when your site falls off the first page. Set up a free account. Go Read More

Assigning a Primary Category / Breadcrumb in SuiteCommerce

Assigning a primary category in NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced sets a breadcrumb path on your e-commerce product (item) pages which helps Google, search engines, and users understand your site better. Here’s how to assign a primary category (or add breadcrumbs to products pages) in SuiteCommerce. Log in to NetSuite SuiteCommerce at Go to Lists > Read More

SuiteCommerce: Setting up 301 redirects

How to set up 301 redirects in NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) Log in to NetSuite SuiteCommerce at Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Redirects. Click New, then select your website from the Domain Name drop-down. Enter the URL to redirect from in the Redirect From URL field. Only include everything after, (i.e. Read More

SuiteCommerce Advanced: Bounce Rates after 2018.2 GTM Editor Bundle

A few clients recently began using the NetSuite GTM Editor bundle on SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) version 2018.2. The clients reported unusually low bounce rates in Google Analytics after implementation of the GTM Editor bundle. After some analysis, we discovered an issue with how events are configured by the GTM Editor bundle. Anyone else? Shoot me Read More

Google’s June 25 2017 Algorithm Update & Core Quality Updates

I’m working with a client affected by the June 25, 2017, Google algorithm update. I’m a few weeks into analysis for a client who experienced significant ranking declines after this update. Rank Ranger did a great job of analyzing the types of sites and rankings affected by this algorithm update. My client’s site fits into Read More

Basics of SEO at WordPress Austin Meetup

Garrett presented this talk to the Austin WordPress Meetup Group on October 16, 2017. A description of the talk along with the slides is included below. Learn the basics of SEO and how to optimize your WordPress website to improve visibility in search engines. Garrett will talk about the SEO tasks you should take care Read More