Doug Greco for Mayor Campaign

In a digital era where online presence helps accelerate a political campaign, the Doug Greco for Austin Mayor campaign turned to Garrett Digital to lay the digital groundwork for a bid for mayor. Our mission was clear: create a comprehensive digital platform that elevated the campaign’s online presence and fostered engagement and streamlined contributions.

Project Overview

Objectives & Solutions

The campaign’s main objective was to create a user-friendly website to handle significant traffic and incorporate a secure, easy-to-use online donation system. Our approach involved custom WordPress development tailored to the campaign’s needs, ensuring scalability and security for donor transactions.

Project Highlights

  1. Custom WordPress Website Design: Our team crafted a bespoke WordPress site that resonated with Doug Greco’s vision and campaign aesthetics. We emphasized navigational ease and visual appeal, ensuring visitors could find information and engage with the campaign effortlessly.
  2. Campaign Messaging and Copy Development: Through collaborative workshops, we honed in on key messages aligned with Doug Greco’s values and policy goals. Our copywriters brought these messages to life, creating compelling content that spoke directly to voters.
  3. Email, Domain, and Donation Setup: We set up secure email communications, registered an easy-to-remember domain, and integrated a donation platform that simplified giving for supporters, focusing on security and user experience.
  4. Press Release and News Section: Developing a dedicated news section allowed the campaign to publish updates, press releases, and media mentions, keeping constituents informed and engaged.


We’re only a few weeks in, but the digital strategies implemented are seeing great outcomes:

  • A significant uptick in website traffic
  • Enhanced engagement through the news section
  • A noteworthy increase in online donations

These digital tools amplified Doug Greco’s reach and played a pivotal role in mobilizing support.

The Doug Greco for Mayor campaign is a testament to the power of strategic digital engagement. At Garrett Digital, we’re proud to have crafted a digital campaign platform that met and exceeded our client’s expectations, driving them toward success in a competitive political landscape.

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