Demonstrating the Impact of CRO + AOV on E-Commerce Revenue

by Garrett Nafzinger

Hey, I’m Garrett from Garrett Digital. Today, we’re looking into how increasing your average order value (AOV) and focusing on conversion rate optimization (CRO) can significantly elevate your e-commerce site’s revenue.

Why CRO is Important

CRO makes your website more effective at converting visitors into customers. It’s about enhancing the user experience to increase the likelihood of making a sale. For instance, a CRO calculator allows you to input metrics like monthly site visits, average order value, and current conversion rate to estimate your revenue. 

If you currently have 100k average monthly sessions, a 3% conversion rate, and an AOV of $50, improving your conversion rate from 3% to 4%, you could see an additional $1,500 in monthly revenue.

The Significance of AOV

Increasing the AOV, or the amount each customer spends per transaction, is crucial for boosting revenue. A minor increase in AOV can lead to significant revenue growth. 

If you currently have 100k average monthly sessions, a 3% conversion rate, and an AOV of $50, raising your AOV by just $5 can result in an extra $16,500 monthly.

E-commerce giants like Amazon excel at upselling and cross-selling. They suggest a camera bag when buying a camera or recommend specific lenses and memory cards as complementary purchases. This strategy doesn’t double your revenue but enhances customer satisfaction by making helpful suggestions.

Practical Strategies to Increase AOV

  • Product Bundling: Combine complementary products for a discounted price. This encourages customers to buy more in a single transaction.
  • Smart Recommendations: Utilize “customers also bought” suggestions to encourage additional purchases. For example, they could suggest a screen protector when buying a smartphone or baking accessories when someone buys a countertop oven.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Implement programs that reward customers for spending more. Loyalty programs encourage repeat business but also increase the transaction value.


Focusing on CRO and AOV is vital for any e-commerce business looking to boost its revenue. They help make your site more efficient and motivate customers to spend more. Check out the CRO calculator to see how changes in these areas can affect your business. It’s a direct way to visualize the potential revenue increase from adjusting your site’s performance.

Remember, optimization is an ongoing process. Continuously testing and adapting your strategies is vital to achieving sustained growth.