Use ChatGPT & Your Therapist Bio to Write Homepage, USP

by Garrett Nafzinger

  • In this video walkthrough, we’ll review how to use your therapist bio and ChatGPT to write content for the homepage of your website.
  • We’ll also use it to develop ideas for your therapy business’s unique selling proposition (USP). The unique selling proposition is a bulleted list of 3-4 quick things about why someone would choose you vs. another therapist.

Video Transcript

Hi there, it’s Garrett with Garrett Digital. A lot of times, clients ask me how to use ChatGPT for their business. Specifically, I work with therapists and therapy offices. Today, I’ll cover how to utilize a therapist’s bio to craft content for the homepage of your site.

I recently came across David Hanna Counseling. While his homepage lacks comprehensive information, his bio page is robust and informative. I plan to leverage the bio content and have ChatGPT generate content suitable for the homepage.

To do this, I’ll use the following prompt in ChatGPT:
“My name is David Hanna, a therapist in Portland, Oregon. Here’s the info from my bio page. Help me develop a unique selling proposition, a list of bullets, and integrate them along with copy for the homepage of my site.”

The key to ChatGPT is providing as much context and information as possible about what you want, what you need, and who you are. After setting the prompt, I’ll copy David’s multi-paragraph bio and input it into ChatGPT.

The unique selling proposition (USP) is crucial. It answers Why someone would choose David Hanna over any other therapist in Portland or Oregon? Crafting a USP is partly a branding exercise, but it’s essential because you can feature it on every page of your website. A USP should be a concise list highlighting why someone would choose you over the competition.

In this instance, ChatGPT has generated a USP based on David’s bio. While some of the bullet points are lengthy, they can be refined. For example, “Over 17 years of experience as a therapist” could be one of the points. The generated homepage content incorporates these USP items.

Once you have the content, it’s a good idea to copy it into a tool like Grammarly or a Google Doc for further refinement. Ensure you remove any ChatGPT-specific instructions to maintain professionalism. After editing, you can integrate the content into your website, enhancing its appeal to both Google search engines and users.

If you’re unsatisfied with ChatGPT’s output, you can request another version. The platform will provide a different take on the homepage copy for you to review and edit.

I hope you found this demonstration helpful. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks so much for tuning in!