Monitor Top-Ranking Organic Keywords with UptimeRobot

by Garrett Nafzinger

Updated on June 10, 2024

Quick Organic SEO Monitoring Hack

Want to ensure your website stays on top of Google search results? Maintaining high search rankings is crucial for attracting organic traffic, which can lead to more customers and higher revenue.

Why Monitor Your Top-Ranking Keywords?

Your top-ranking organic keywords are crucial for your online visibility. They bring in traffic that is essential for your business. Monitoring your organic search rankings for popular keywords is vital. A decrease in rankings can result in fewer visitors and lost revenue. Keeping an eye on these keywords is as important as any other SEO strategy.

Real-Time Alerts vs. Traditional SEO Tools

SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are excellent for comprehensive analysis and tracking, but they often update their data less frequently. This delay can mean that significant changes in your rankings might be detected after a period of time, potentially leading to missed opportunities to correct issues early.

UptimeRobot offers a real-time check, providing immediate alerts as soon as changes occur. This means you can respond faster to rankings drops, potentially preventing traffic and revenue losses before they become substantial problems.

Finding Your Top-Ranking Keywords in Google Search Console

  1. Sign In to Google Search Console: Go to Google Search Console and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Select Your Property: Choose the website property you want to check.
  3. Go to Performance Report: Click “Performance” in the left-hand menu. This report shows you important metrics about your site’s performance in Google Search.
  4. View Queries: In the Performance report, you’ll see a table with tabs like Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices, and Search Appearance. Click on the “Queries” tab to view the keywords for which your site is ranking.
  5. Sort by Position: To find your top-ranking keywords, sort the list by the “Position” column. This shows you the average position of your site for each keyword.
  6. Filter Top-Performing Keywords: Look for keywords with a high average position (ideally positions 1-10) and significant impressions and clicks. These are your most valuable keywords.

Setting Up UptimeRobot Monitoring

  1. Create Your Account: Go to UptimeRobot and sign up for free.
  2. Pick Your Best Keywords: Check Google Search Console for your top-performing keywords. Ignore your brand name; you’re likely already doing well with it.
  3. Simplify Your Google Search: Run a Google search for your chosen keyword. Edit the URL to strip extra parameters, making it clean like this:
  4. Build Your Monitor:
    • Type: Choose ‘Keyword.’
    • Name It: Something like ‘Keyword – Google Search’ works well.
    • URL: Copy and paste your clean Google search URL here.
    • Keyword: Add your domain exactly as it appears in the search results.
    • Alert Logic: Set it to notify you if your domain disappears from page one.
    • Frequency: Opt for a check every 12 or 24 hours to avoid alert overload.
    • Notification: Select your email to receive alerts.
  5. Activate Monitoring: Click ‘Create Monitor,’ and you’re all set!

Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring

By using UptimeRobot, you’re not just monitoring; you’re setting up an early warning system. This is vital because search engine result positions can fluctuate due to algorithm updates, competitor actions, or changes in user behavior. A slip from the first page can dramatically decrease your visibility since most users rarely look beyond the first page of search results.

Proactive SEO Health Checks

UptimeRobot alerts serve as crucial indicators of your website’s health. Receiving an alert is a sign that there could be underlying issues needing attention. This could involve updating your content, addressing changes in your site’s performance, or fixing lost backlinks. Taking immediate action can be instrumental in maintaining your website’s position before any substantial impact on your traffic and business.

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