SEO Site Audits

Already have a website, but not sure where to begin? It's often best to start with an SEO Site Audit which allows you to receive a prioritized list of issues, which we can base our future work upon.

An SEO site audit can reveal many things. Some examples are included below.

  • You discover that your web content management system doesn't output unique metadata for each page. This could include page titles, meta descriptions, or other metadata such as social metadata.
  • You discover your web server configuration has been using temporary (302) redirects instead of permanent (301) redirects.
  • You discover lots of duplicate content. This often occurs when application-generated pages.
  • You discover that your content team needs to be educated on how to write better page titles and meta descriptions.
  • You find out what is working for your competition.

An SEO Site Audit can take a few hours, to a few weeks, depending on the depth and complexity of your websites and your business.

If you're interested in a mini-site audit which can be completed in about 30-60 minutes, we offer a free mini-audit to those who may be interested in seeing what Garrett Digital can offer to their business or non-profit. 

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