GA4 on SuiteCommerce, attribution issues

By Garrett Nafzinger

Has anyone installed GA4 for SuiteCommerce? Have you compared Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics (UA)? Specifically, attribution?

Comparing GA4 to UA: Major issues with attribution

Google Ads (CPC) attributed revenue and sessions are 95% less in GA4 than in UA. Conversely, organic attributed sessions and revenue are far higher in GA4. I have some Google Sheets with tables to compare overall sessions, revenue, and attribution by source and can share those if helpful.

I’m certified in GA4, and I realize the attribution models in GA4 are different compared to UA, but changing the attribution models never causes a 95% drop.

I installed GA4 using the SuiteCommerce Google Tag Manager Editor bundle.

I posted in the NetSuite Professionals forum but am posting here as well, hoping my site might be more visible for those searching the web for these issues.

If you’re having similar issues, please reach out to me.