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Migrating to a New Web Content Management System? Redesigning Your Website?

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Let's say you're migrating to a new web content management system, or you're changing up the information architecture on your website. It happens to the best of us. Garrett has been through website migrations, large and small. He can help your business or non-profit migrate to a new web content management system or work through a new information architecture without the risk of losing rankings in Google or Bing. A website migration or re-structure is the ideal time to work with an SEO expert. Here are some of the things you want to be sure you get right during the website migration process.

Migration Technical SEO Issues

  • Making sure your new website can be indexed and is crawlable.
  • Checking to be sure your site is returning the proper HTTP response codes. 
  • Search-engine and user-friendly information architecture and navigation. 
  • Management of rel canonical and duplicate content on your site. 
  • Redirect planning and management.
  • Making your new website content management system search engine friendly.
  • Sitemap.xml creation and updates. 
  • Submission of sitemap.xml to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. 
  • Monitoring of your site to quickly find and fix any issues.

Migration On-Page SEO Issues

  • SEO review of new or existing web content. 
  • Review of existing and new website metadata, including page title and meta descriptions. 
  • Social media metadata to improve the visibility of your content when shared on social networks. 
  • Implementation of and structured markup. 
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) implementation and best practices. AMP has the potential to improve visibility in mobile search results. 

Web content management systems offer lots of customization and flexibility. They were created by web and software developers with limited knowledge of SEO. There are often fixes and best practices which should be applied to make your web content management system search engine friendly. If you're writing your own software or customizing the heck out of your CMS/WCM, we will work with your web and software developers to create web applications and web pages that are search engine and user-friendly. 

If your website migration means that web URLs will change on your new website, it's critical that you develop a redirect plan to redirect from pages on the old site to the appropriate and relevant content on the new site. A big part of SEO is links. Getting links naturally is exactly what Google and search engines want, so you don't let a website migration wipe out all of the links you've earned over the years. If you don't put a redirect plan in place, you lose the links you've earned resulting in a dramatic decrease in visibility and visitors coming from search engines. 

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