Technical SEO Consulting

Technical SEO involves a number of steps and best practices to ensure your website is sending the correct signals to search engines, so they can crawl your website and rank your web pages accordingly. Technical SEO can include one or many of the following types of issues. 

  • Misconfigured Domain Name Settings
  • Information Architecture and Site Structure Issues
  • Canonicalization and Duplicate Content
  • Open Graph Tags and Social Media Metadata
  • Paginated Web Pages
  • Thin Content Pages
  • Duplicate or Missing Metadata
  • HTTP Response Codes and Redirect Issues
  • Orphan Web Pages
  • Speed and Web Page Performance
  • HTTP and HTTPS Issues
  • Use of Subdomains or Folders
  • AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

Do you have technical SEO issues or are you wondering why you're not visible in Google or Bing lately? Contact Garrett Digital to set up a free consultation. 


I have worked with Garrett on projects both as a peer and as a colleague. He is always easy to work with, meets deadlines, and exceeds expectations. He has a good leadership style and a makes complex technical topics like SEO easy to understand. I would work with him again.
Nick MosherUser Experience Designer
I worked with Garrett for a number of years and know him to be exceptional in his attention to detail. His grasp of SEO strategy and implementation is impressive and I would highly recommend him to lead or contribute to any SEO-related work. He is versatile with multiple tools and always has an eye to the end user. Garrett’s personality is even-keeled; he’s not easily ruffled and plays well on a team. He will offer insights no one else has thought of. He may also surprise you with his wicked sense of humor. With his passion for excellence, I am confident Garrett will provide value to any client.
Liz SweeneyAgile Release Manager
Garrett was incredibly helpful in getting me on track with SEO. He spent time looking into questions before our meeting and was prepared. I appreciate that he gave me actionable items I could implement myself in addition to showing me detailed ways he could assist to take things to the next level.
Paula M.
Whether Garrett is teaching a room full of staff how to use a new technology feature or system, designing a web interaction or consulting on enterprise search and SEO, Garrett is an attentive listener and straightforward problem-solver. In addition to his technical skills, Garrett’s open and empathetic approach to people and problems are the same qualities that make him good at helping content (and the people who make it) get found. Garrett earnestly educates himself and is a committed investigator when there’s a vexing problem at hand. He does a great job of listening to what the true business needs are rather than assuming he has the answers.
Susanna GuzmanDirector of Web Services