Are Potential Customers Finding You?

Google continually updates its search algorithm. These changes impact your website, your business, and your bottom line.
I assess your business and website to make recommendations that have a real impact on your search rankings. I'll work with you to align your SEO strategy with your business goals and come up with an integrated marketing strategy.
Set up a free consultation to discuss your goals and how a sound SEO strategy can help you achieve them.

Why Choose Me?

  • Work directly with me, not an account manager or junior SEO.
  • I provide top-notch service and strategy customized for your business.
  • I'm an Austin-based SEO consultant who can work with you in-person or remotely.
  • I've worked with many content management and e-commerce systems.
  • I worked in-house for many years. I grew high profile websites like familydoctor.org and aafp.org. In April 2017, I started my own SEO consulting business.
What You Should Look For In An SEO Consultant
  • SEO or search marketing should create a positive return on investment for your business.
  • Your SEO consultant should be fully transparent about the strategy and tactics they are using to improve your rankings.
  • Find an SEO expert with experience in your industry or vertical.
  • Look for an SEO with expertise using your CMS or e-commerce system.
  • Since SEO crosses many areas of expertise. It's important your SEO can speak your team's language, the technical jargon and the non-technical stuff too.
Why Search Engine Optimization is Important
  • Over 80% of consumers use a search engine when shopping for new products or services.
  • Search marketing and SEO don't interrupt consumers like other types of advertising. Be in front of potential customers when they are searching for you.
  • SEO is a specialty that requires an expert. Would you go to your family physician for complex surgery? Similarly, a website designer might not be the best person to go to for your SEO.
Make Your Business Visible with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes strategies and tactics to ensure your customers can find you in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. SEO includes on-page and off-page tactics to improve your search rankings. SEO also involves enhancing the user experience on your website.

Use Web Analytics to Make Informed Decisions

With web analytics, e-commerce tracking, and custom events, you can get insights into pages that contribute to sales and leads. Do you use Google or Adobe Analytics? Is it configured to track sales and revenue for your e-commerce site? I can help!

Move to the Top of Search with Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, includes Google and Microsoft Search ads as well as display remarketing ads. PPC is useful when you need to show up at the top of search results right away or when you are in a highly competitive industry. PPC is also an efficient way to measure if appearing at the top of search results will have the impact you anticipate.

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I worked with Garrett for a number of years and know him to be exceptional in his attention to detail. His grasp of SEO strategy and implementation is impressive and I would highly recommend him to lead or contribute to any SEO-related work. He is versatile with multiple tools and always has an eye to the end user. Garrett’s personality is even-keeled; he’s not easily ruffled and plays well on a team. He will offer insights no one else has thought of. He may also surprise you with his wicked sense of humor. With his passion for excellence, I am confident Garrett will provide value to any client.

Liz SweeneyAgile Release Manager